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Premium Book

2023 Premium Book

Reminder: Any animals with ringworm, warts, mange, or scab will be removed from the Fair or exhibition premises unless the veterinarian in charge finds they are incapable of transmitting disease.

Premium Book Change Request

Submit your request for a change for next year's Premium Book. Download form below, complete, and email to by November 1.

2023 Premium Book Change Request Form

Education & Forms Requirements Resource

Fair Rules & Regulations

Animal Health Regulations

The Youth Animal Code of Practice

Showring Schedule (as of 2/17/23)

Animal Departments

1 Dairy

2 Beef

3 Swine

4 Sheep

Meat Animal Sale

5 Dairy Goats

Master Showmanship

6 Horse & Pony

7 Poultry

8 Rabbits

Small Animal Sale

9 Dogs

  • Dog Volunteer Instruction Sign-Up (to come)
  • Dog Agility judging is held Saturday, July 15, 2023 @ 10:00 AM
    at Canine Sports Zone. Check-in 9:30 AM

10 Animal & Vet Science

11 Exotic Animals

13 Cats

Non-Animal Departments

Grand Champion Sponsors

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